This is EA again, specializing in capital management, assisting traders in executing all risk management-related operations.

Moreover, Kazan supports interaction on social media platforms, trading groups, and teams.


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Profit preservation solution is configured on FXCE Giga.

This EA is a semi-automatic type, where orders can be manually managed.

When you want to preserve the profit of your position and avoid potential losses due to price reversals, this solution comes into play.


  • After conducting thorough analysis and identifying suitable entry points, you can enter the first trade.
  • At this point, the EA will calculate the values you define to adjust the Break Even or Trailing Stop for the current position.
  • The EA manages the risk according to the Max Risk based on the current account balance.

Recommended Configuration:

Everything is straightforward, and you can find instructions on how to set up and configure Giga Roll Trailing in the config file. Furthermore, you can customize it to optimize profit and minimize risk during the trade execution.

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