This is EA again, specializing in capital management, assisting traders in executing all risk management-related operations.

Moreover, Kazan supports interaction on social media platforms, trading groups, and teams.


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Opportunity to multiply your account many times with just one beautiful wave.

This EA is a Semi-auto type, where you have to enter the first command manually. Once you capture the starting point of the wave, you have the opportunity to exponentially increase your account using the FOMO trading algorithm of FXCE Giga.


After thorough analysis and identifying a reasonable entry point, you will place the first order.

The rest is handled by Giga, which helps you set up a series of pending orders in the favorable direction based on your initial trade position.

When the market moves in the right direction, the pre-set pending orders will be executed. The EA automatically adjusts the stop-loss levels of the matched orders according to the predetermined Stop Loss setting. With the trailing stop feature, if the price suddenly reverses, the open positions will still be profitable or at least minimize losses.

If the price moves strongly in your favor, the EA will take profit based on the predetermined amount.

Everything is straightforward. You can find the configuration settings and customize the EA Mavis Fomo according to your preferences in the config file. Moreover, you can optimize the profitability and minimize risks during order processing by adjusting it to your own approach.

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